Malkin Cleaners Are the Water Damage Restoration Company Burnaby Has Trusted for Generations

Water Damage Cleanup Burnaby


If you are in a water damage emergency, CALL NOW, we will handle all matters
with your insurance provider. Available 24/7 for immediate response.

Established in 1923 we have helped thousands of property owners restore
their property from fire and water damage. Fully certified and bonded
technicians are on call now.

Water-related disasters can (and usually do) strike with no warning, and they’re among the worst things that can happen to a homeowner or other property-owner.  Water damage is a particularly insidious form of property damage because its effects are so long-lasting.  Beyond the immediate damage done by the water intrusion to a building and property, it can cause long-term growth of molds and other contaminants that pose serious health problems.

That’s why for over ninety years, Burnaby residents have called on Malkin Cleaners as one of their go-to water damage restoration companies. No other water damage firm in the area has the same level of experience and dedication to excellence as our team here at Malkin.

No Matter the Water Damage, Malkin Cleaners Can Help!

From minor issues to major property-wide damage, Malkin Cleaners has the tools, the skills, and the technology to do a full site cleanup with an emphasis on protecting and restoring as much of your property as possible.

Malkin Cleaners can assist you with:

Emergency Water Damage Repair:  With cleanup crews on-call 24/7/365, Malkin Cleaners can be on-site within minutes and working to minimize the long-term damage done by a water leak or other intrusion.  They’ll work with you to prioritize the things you care about most.

Fire Damage Cleanup:  Malkin can help save property damaged from fire, smoke, and fire-fighting after effects.  Their cleaning and restoration tools can preserve items other cleaners would write off.

Sewage Cleanup:  A major sewer line break doesn’t have to be ruinous to a property.  Malkin will preserve as much of your items and fixtures as possible, while removing threats from infection and odour.

Black Mold Removal:  Black mold is extremely dangerous, and can form in the wake of even minor water incidents.  As one of the most professional Burnaby water damage restoration companies, Malkin is well-trained in detecting and thoroughly cleansing infected areas.

If You Need Burnaby Water Damage Restoration, Call One of the Top Companies!

Water damage only gets worse as time goes on.  Call in Malkin Cleaners immediately to minimize the damage!